[ RadSafe ] Pregnanr radiographers work in Radiotherapy

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According with International Organizations, ICRP and IAEA:

Considering ICRP

1- ICRP 60 Recommendations of the ICRP, page 73 - The occupational exposure 
of women
(S32) Once pregnancy has been declared, the conceptus should be protected by
applying a supplementary equivalent dose limit to the surface of the woman's 
(lower trunk) of 2 mSv for the remainder of the pregnancy and by limiting 
intakes of radionuclides
to about 1/20 of the ALI. The Commission wishes to emphasise that the use of 
system of protection, particularly the use of source-related dose 
constraints, will usually
provide an adequate guarantee of compliance with this limit without the need 
for specific
restrictions on the employment of pregnant women. The principal criterion 
will then be that\
the employment should be of a type that does not carry a significant 
probability of high
accidental doses and intakes. High-dose and high-risk occupations from which 
women should be excluded should be defined by regulatory agencies.

2 - ICRP Publication 84, Vol 30 No 1, 2000)
Document ppt available to be downloadable for educational purpose
Pregnancy and Medical Radiation - ICRP 84 (ICRP Pregnancy and Medical

Look the ppt until Radiation Exposure of Pregnant Workers or GO TO the slide

Radiation Exposure of Pregnant Workers
Pregnant medical radiation workers may work in a radiation environment as
long as there reasonable assurance that the fetal dose can kept below 1 mGy
during the pregnancy

Considering IAEA

International Basic Safety Standards for Protection Against Ionizing
Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources Safety Series 115
CONDITIONS OF SERVICE - Pregnant Workers, page 35
1.16. A female worker should, on becoming aware that she is pregnant, notify
employer in order that her working conditions may be modified if necessary.
1.17. The notification of pregnancy shall not be considered a reason to
a female worker from work; however, the employer of a female worker who has
notified pregnancy shall adapt the working conditions in respect of
exposure so as to ensure that the embryo or foetus is afforded the same
broad level
of protection as required for members of the public.

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> Dear Colleagues,
> Are there any limitation on the work of pregnant radiographer in linac
> rooms ?
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