[ RadSafe ] RE: 'Rise' in thyroid cancers comes from better detection

John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 11:44:32 CDT 2006

There was a finding a number years ago about the
increase in breast cancers.  When the data was looked
at, it appears that more older women were added to the
sampling size.  Of course, the longer you live, the
greater the increase of having a detectable cancer.  

This issue should be considered in discussions of
"down-winders" and others who claim that increases in
thyroid cancer is due to radioiodines.  Of course, the
increase of thyroid cancer in children around
Chernobyl is a real effect.  The Chernobyl increase
dwarfs the projected 2.4 fold increase due to better

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> Yes, it's surely an interesting article, as is the
> editorial that accompanies it.
> Cheers
> cja

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