[ RadSafe ] Re: Thorium in gas lamps

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Fri Jun 23 12:41:14 CDT 2006


You have to look for the ones "Made in India."  The thoriated ones Made in USA" probably are mostly gone from the shelves now, but the Indian varieties are likely very competitive on price with the yttriated (?) type now made here.


"Syd H. Levine" <syd.levine at mindspring.com> wrote:
>None, or very, very little in the mantles being sold these days.  For awhile 
>the off-brand ones sold in Wal-Mart and elsewhere still contained Thorium 
>even after it was removed from the Coleman products, but I believe even 
>those have disappeared now.  It's a shame since they made really nice check 
>sources.  They still show up on eBay as check sources from time to time.
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