[ RadSafe ] Question about the role of Am-241 (as stabilizer) in a Cm-244/Am-241 source for an XRF-analyzer

Marcel Schouwenburg m.schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
Mon Jun 26 05:18:03 CDT 2006

Dear RadSafers,

Can anybody tell me, or point me to a reference, what the precise 
function is of about 1 MBq Am-241 (30 microCi) in a 1 GBq Cm-244 (30 
milliCi) XRF-source? The Am-241 is said to function as a stabilizer in 
the source, but the exact role of the Am-241 is not clear to me 
(chemical stabilizer?).

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

With kind regards,

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