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Dear John,

indeed I apparently have misunderstood you as asking for evidence that chronic low dose ionizing radiation has been found to reduce lung cancer mortality. That's what I intended to provide with these graphs.

Sorry for wasting your and radsafers' time.

Kind regards, Rainer

PS: can you still provide a copy of this paper on Matanoski 1991:

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 98:2, 239-245 (2002)

Many thanks in advance

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Very true.  This paper does not answer my question about radiation reducing lung cancer in smokers.  Did YOU not understand what I was asking for?

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> Dear colleague,
> thank you for this pointer. Of course, it does not address the point 
> raised by John Jacobus, who denied that there might be evidence to the 
> contrary - which even is acknowledged as such by the ICRP.
> Can you provide a pdf copy of your paper?
> Thank you in advance, Rainer
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> P.T. Colleagues,
> See: Skowronek J., Zemla B. - Epidemiology of lung and larynx cancers 
> in coal mines in Upper Silesia - preliminary results.
> Health Physics, September
> 2003, Volume 85, no 3.
> Increased exposure to radon progeny (but still on the level of low 
> doses - < some mSv/y)) in coal mines increases risk of lung and larynx 
> cancer.
> dr hab. inz. Jan SKOWRONEK
> Instytut Ekologii Terenów Uprzemyslowionych Institute for Ecology of 
> Industrial Areas ul. Kossutha 6
> 40-844 Katowice/Poland
> tel.: (+48-32) 2540164
> fax: (+48-32) 2541717
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> "There is no evidence that increased exposures to radiation have done 
> so [reduced incidence of lung cancer]."
> Dear John:
> Of course, whether or not your above statement holds, depends somewhat 
> on what you consider "evidence". Regarding lung cancer, even the ICRP 
> concedes that the [LNT] atomic bomb survivor risk estimates do NOT fit 
> into the picture outlined by epidemiological data from truly chronic 
> low dose rate
> exposures:
> "For cancers at some sites there is reasonable compatibility between 
> the data from LSS and those from others sources. However it is 
> recognised by the Commission that for a number of sites, e.g., lung, 
> there are significant differences."
> RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION. Draft for consultation.
> §(104) p. 30 and once more
> in annex A, (A13) p. 67)
> I attach a PDF file with 6 diagrams showing such significant 
> differences in data from some of such 'opposing' studies.(If the 
> attachment does not pass the moderator, I will provide it upon 
> request)
> Unless you can provide reasons for ignoring these findings, my 
> interpretation of these data falsifies your above statement.
> Kind regards, Rainer
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-- John
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