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Dr. Sanders,
Thank you for responding and posting the attachments. 
As I interpret your presentation, there is no real
evidence that radiation prevents lung cancers in
smokers, noting the exclusion of radon exposure?  As
you indicate: 

"A low-dose protective apoptosis-mediated (PAM)
process, limiting potential cancer formation, may be
activated by low-dose, low-LET gamma or x-radiations
(Scott 2006a,b,c). Low dose radiation may stimulate
apoptosis of cells transformed by chemical carcinogens
(Mitchel et al. 1999; Sakai et al. 2003). Low dose
ionizing radiation may enhance the elimination by
apoptosis of cigarette-induced transformed pulmonary
cells, thus decreasing lung cancer risk (Scott

Interesting, but I did not see any data to support
this conjecture.

Personally, I try to say out of radon issues.  

--- charles l sanders <clsanders at kaist.ac.kr> wrote:

> I read your recent discussion about lung cancer and
> low dose ionizing radiation at the RadSafe site.  I
> am enclosing a recent presentation (PP file) and
> paper I gave at the BELLE 2006 conference on
> hormesis at U Mass.  Please forgive me if I have
> intruded on your site,but I thought you may be
> interested.
> Chuck Sanders
> Visiting Professor
> Department of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering
> Daejoen, Republic of Korea
> clsanders at kaist.ac.kr

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