[ RadSafe ] Will Robert Cherry and John Johnson face the truth about DU?

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Wed Mar 1 16:27:06 CST 2006

Dear Dr. Johnson:

Thank you for your reply:

> A. What do you mean by "UO3(g) vapor"?

Lately, I have suspected that the U(VI) oxidation state Salbu et al.
detected may be from U3O8 <=> U2O5 + UO3, but based on the comments
I have from the Army and others, I am not discounting the possibility
of uranyl oxide gas as a direct combustion product.  It continues to
astonish me that the only measurements have been of particulates and
not gas vapor condensates.  Have gas condensates been measured but
you just aren't allowed to tell the public about them?

> B. I join you in asking that the information be published in a peer reviewed
> journal. Which one do you suggest?

Any journal indexed by MEDLINE.

> C. Yes, provided the "depleted uranium combustion product" is actually from
> a DU weapon, and not formulated for the animal experiments.

Thank you.  I hope those with the means and responsibility to do this
will not delay any further.

James Salsman

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