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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 10:57:56 CST 2006

Yes, James, you are a very sorry case.

--- James Salsman <james at bovik.org> wrote:

> I am sorry that my government has not yet been able
> to hire staff
> responsible for evaluating the safety of depleted
> uranium weapons
> capable of measuring gas condensates of the
> combustion products.
> I am sorry that my government has not been able to
> offer victims
> of uranium inhalation poisoning appropriate medical
> care for the
> toxicological details of their exposure.
> I am sorry that my government and its staff has
> produced so much
> propaganda suppressing the fact that depleted
> uranium burns to
> produce poison gas.
> I am sorry that my government has hired people who
> think the use of
> a powerful weapon which has been known likely to
> lead to congenital
> malformations in the civilian families of the
> exposed is in any way
> representative of courage, personal, or professional
> responsibility.
> I am sorry that my government has hired people who
> address only
> their personal emotional reaction to the issues I
> raise, including
> vague threats of legal action, instead of the
> questions involved.
> I am not sorry that there are still people like Dr.
> Johnson, who
> though they may have participated in a serious
> mistake, are still
> willing to take the personal and professional
> responsibility to
> support scientific measurements to resolve and help
> correct the
> problem, instead of complaining about my opinion of
> their honor.
> Sincerely,
> James Salsman

"It is not the job of public-affairs officers to alter, filter or 
adjust engineering or scientific material produced by NASA's technical 
MICHAEL D. GRIFFIN, NASA administrator.

-- John
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