[ RadSafe ] James Salsman

George J. Vargo vargo at physicist.net
Fri Mar 3 23:35:49 CST 2006

Those of you who know me also know that I post to RADSAFE rather
sparingly.  I do not feel the need to reply to every posting with a "me
too".  Instead, I do limit my contributions to those instances where I
feel that I can somehow add some value to the discussion.  I have hit
the DELETE button many, many more times than I've hit the SEND button
responding to something on RADSAFE because I concluded that it simply
didn't add value, or was already reflected in the postings of others.
Unfortunately, I think there is too much piling-on in many of the
threads that appear.  There are many who simply like to see themselves

I think it's unfortunate when data, objective facts, opinions, emotions,
and beliefs are given equal weight in discussion.  This problem is not
unique to RADSAFE, but it is symptomatic of the lack of disciplined
discourse and critical thinking in our society.  If that makes me sound
like a sanctimonious jerk, so be it, and spare us all the bandwidth.
I'll take the hit.

I have read, or at least skimmed many of the threads instigated by James
Salsman and I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that he is simply
an insatiable zealot.  It is impossible to reason with a zealot,
regardless of whether it's political, religious, or whatever.  Salsman
has an agenda and he is unwavering in that agenda.  To the extent that
RADSAFERs, however well-intentioned, infuriated, or frustrated, continue
to engage him, we simply act as enablers of his habit.

For the good of the list, I would urge you to simply refuse to rise to
the bait and cease to engage him.  He then becomes the sound of "one
hand clapping."

Salsman will never be assuaged, satisfied, or silenced, but if we ignore
him, he will go elsewhere to sell his agenda and we will all be better
for it.

I thought long and hard before sending this, because I believe in free
and open discussion, but when the discussion becomes intractable and
circular, it's time to move on.

George J. Vargo, Ph.D., CHP
Senior Scientist
MJW Corporation
610-925-5545 (fax)
vargo at physicist.net

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