[ RadSafe ] Cesium chloride

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GO TO IAEA site http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/publications/PDF/Pub815_web.pdf
Download the Radiological Accident in Goiania

GO TO EXECUTIVE SUMMARY page 4, look at 2nd, 4th paragraphs
GO TO chapter 3, page 21/22 and Annex IV
Lesson Learned
GO TO Appendix IV, (2)



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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Cesium chloride

> Dear List, I did a "consult" on a threat analysis, and used the Goiania
incident as my inspiration-although I posited a very different delivery
system and amount. Would anyone know (offhand-no research, please) the
chemistry of the threat, so I can provide a good answer to their question.
(I'll bet Jose' knows!)...................................Thank you, Ed
> Subject: Cesium chloride
> Ed,
> I got a question on your scenario from a reviewer. Is the cesium in the
form of a powder or crystaline? What size in microns? If not 1-5 u could it
be ground fine enough to be respired? Or could it be dissolved in water and
sprayed as a liquid?
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