[ RadSafe ] Using a Liquid Scintillation Counter to count Iodine-125

Jon Stieglitz stiegli1 at msu.edu
Fri Mar 10 08:37:29 CST 2006

Thank you for all the informative fodder on the tritium/brem. question. I've
already won my case of beer which I promptly used to flush the tritium out
of my system. Strictly therapeutic mind you.


My next question has to do with using an LSC to count DPM's. Does anyone
have any experience with this? Does anyone have knowledge of the optimal
settings for the windows? Our "Spectraview" shows the expected I-125 curve
with two peaks. One occurs at approximately 3 keV while the other occurs at
about 15 keV. Can anyone tell me what is going on with the peaks? I
appreciate any insight you can give me and please forgive me for my




Jonathan H. Stieglitz

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