AW: [ RadSafe ] Fractionation of Uranium Isotopes in Nature

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Fri Mar 10 11:39:20 CST 2006

The question of dis-equilibrium of uranium isotopes has been carefully
investigated decades ago and therefore needs not be reinvestigated. 

I wonder, why RADSAFErs do not use search engines. If they would not know in
this case, which names to put into their search: "Matti Asikainen", long
time ago at the Finnish Radiation Protection Institute. 

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> Betreff: [ RadSafe ] Fractionation of Uranium Isotopes in Nature
> Further to the recent discussions on the chemistry of natural uranium, DU
> or enriched uranium, the fractionation of uranium isotopes does occur in
> nature.  For example, despite the equal radioactivity concentrations of
> U-238 and U-234 in rocks and soils, the U-234/U-238 ratio in groundwater
> generally unity, and can reach values of 10 or more.  The US EPA drinking
> water guidelines use a U-234/U-238 ratio of 1.3 when converting between
> mass and activity concentrations of uranium in water.
> Of course, this should not be taken to imply that the chemistry or
> biokinetics of natural uranium, DU  and enriched uranium differ
> significantly when discussing the potential non-radiological health
> impacts
> of uranium.
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