[ RadSafe ] Fears promoted by anti-nuclear Greens

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Sun Mar 12 20:23:06 CST 2006

Can some Radsafers in Australia try to right this wrong? Below is just a 
small sample of the anguish being imposed wrongfully on these townsfolk 
without any supporting data? This is a gross and unnecessary injustice. 
At worst, even if the fancied cancer claims were correct, these folks 
surely should have their fears alleviated by some facts about DU, about 
the former fictional head of the imaginary Depleted Uranium Project, and 
about an honest assessment of the possible dangers to citizens of 
Lancelin and surrounding areas. This horse dung being dumped on Lancelin 
by Green Left Weekly is sick!

Lancelin deserves better.

Maury&Dog (maurysis at ev1.net)

".... Dr Doug Rokke, former head of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium 
Project, visited Lancelin in July 2003 and told local activists that it 
was 100% likely that DU munitions either had already been used on the 
weapons range, or would be. ..."


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