[ RadSafe ] Radsafe Posting - Alpha Creep References

Cary Renquist cary_rdsfe at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 16 17:42:27 CST 2006


Try a search for 
  "alpha recoil" contamination creep
Here is a tiny url to a google search for the terms

Here are a couple of links:

  re-entrainment of particles, and alpha recoil
   multiple filters. In his letter Dr. Rickards. 
  explains that alpha emitters like plutonium may 
  “creep” ...

  2) “Alpha recoil “ is a DOE term, for the ability of
  alpha emitters, like plutonium, to “creep “. through

  4 HEPA filters in a row! ...

Best regards,

>We are looking for reference material on the
phenomenon of the 
>spread of alpha contamination due to "alpha creep" as
some of us HPs 
>know it.  We have checked the Radsafe Archives, our
textbooks, and 
>web searched, but to no avail.  Anybody have any
references or a 
>site that you can point us to?

>Thanks in advance.
>Tom O'Brien, CHP
>National Institutes of Standards and Technology
>Health Physics Group - MS 1733
>100 Bureau Drive, Building 235
>Gaithersburg, MD  20889

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