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James Salsman james at bovik.org
Fri Mar 17 17:13:25 CST 2006

 >... James attacks individuals personally....

I resent that.  Suppose you have ten people in a room for
health safety training.  You tell them, "Remember, don't
release teratogens into the atmosphere."  Then, a while
later in a different room, some of them sign off on an
ongoing project to release teratogens into the atmosphere
using pyrophoric incendiary uranium munitions.  Some of
them are doing it because the guy (usually, it's guys
doing this but plenty of women, too) before them did the
same thing when they were in their position.

But are any of them less to blame than the first one of
them to have seriously approved the idea when they should
have known better?   Isn't every one who hasn't spoken up
about it, taken a stand, said that they aren't going to
work in, for, or near any workplace that takes the health
of the workers and their families so carelessly just as
responsible as the first person to actually approve of the
idea who should have known better, and just as much to
blame as the last President who ordered a batch, and just
as much as to blame as the last soldier who made a decision
to go towards a uranium firefight?  In a democracy, don't
we all make a decision about whether to go towards the
uranium firefight?

However, there are those who were given specific charges to
review the questions above, and they made a decision which
has weakened my country.  That makes me sad, and that makes
me mad.  If my anger in words is seen as an "attack" then
perhaps those who think so need to re-examine all of the
motives involved.  Weakening the chromosomes of our troops
is atrocious.

James Salsman


Vets plus DU plus the Law
Pulse of the Twin Cities
Thursday 16 March
by Susu Jeffrey

In 1944 the U.S. Congress passed the G.I. Bill of Rights, providing help 
to World War II veterans for medical care, education and the purchase of 
homes, farms and businesses. By 1951, 8 million vets had gone back to 
school at a federal cost of $14 billion. Higher education was no longer 
restricted to the elite, and served as a safety valve during the 
transition from war to peace. G.I. Bill opportunities helped to move 
hundreds of thousands more people into the middle class.

My dad, Harry Jeffrey (R-Ohio), was a co-author of that bill and spent 
his only congressional term writing, and then selling the G.I. Bill of 
Rights to the American people. Since then, the social experiment in 
support of ex-military personnel has slowly been gutted, especially 
since the Vietnam War. “That damn G.I. Bill,” a veteran told me 
recently. “[Now] after four years you don’t even get enough to go to 
junior college.” Veterans’ benefits are supposed to do just that—benefit 

But, in fact, the fallout from Iraq Wars One and Two will be 
never-ending since the poison from American depleted uranium (DU) 
weapons is dangerous to all life for 4.5 billion years....

Unfortunately the immediate victim is not the only target of DU 
poisoning. Sexual partners of DU-exposed vets have been internally 
contaminated, according to geoscientist Leuren Moret in “DU: A Death 
Sentence Here and Abroad.” In a study of 251 Mississippi soldiers who 
had normal children during pre-Iraq War, 67 percent of their post-war 
babies were born with severe birth defects—cyclops (single eye), infants 
missing arms, legs, organs. And if those children live and reproduce, 
will their genetic damage be inherited?

... ATK lawyers and Edina city lawyers wrote 20-some pages of e-mails 
discussing legal strategy for the mutual benefit of their corporate and 
municipal clients. The new law reduces the trespass charge from a 
misdemeanor to a petty misdemeanor—from a charge where you can get a 
jury, to a judge-only trial. The legality of the new law is under appeal 
at this time.

AlliantACTION [1] peace activists continue to take it to the streets 
every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m.; they are also taking it to the state 
Legislature. A bill to test returning veterans stationed in hot areas in 
Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo is in play at the Minnesota Capitol. A 
similar bill is already law in Louisiana and Connecticut and is being 
considered in New York State....

[1] http://circlevision.org/alliantaction.html

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