[ RadSafe ] Minnesota Nonsense on DU

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sun Mar 19 06:33:39 CST 2006

Pulse of the Twin Cities .. alternative paper in Minneapolis/St Paul has prominent anti-DU article by Congressman's daughter // it is full of the typical anti-DU scientific mumbo jumbo and accords Leuren Moret some degree of scientific accumen that she surely is not entitled to .. they have no comments yet, so here is an opportunity to post some countering fact .. this is rife with falsehood.

http://www.pulsetc.com/ begins near mid-bottom, but full article is at


by Susu Jeffrey 

In 1944 the U.S. Congress passed the G.I. Bill of Rights, providing help to World War II veterans for medical care, education and the purchase of homes, farms and businesses. By 1951, 8 million vets had gone back to school at a federal cost of $14 billion. Higher education was no longer restricted to the elite, and served as a safety valve during the transition from war to peace. G.I. Bill opportunities helped to move hundreds of thousands more people into the middle class. 

My dad, Harry Jeffrey (R-Ohio), was a co-author of that bill and spent his only congressional term writing, and then selling the G.I. Bill of Rights to the American people. Since then, the social experiment in support of ex-military personnel has slowly been gutted, especially since the Vietnam War. “That damn G.I. Bill,” a veteran told me recently. “[Now] after four years you don’t even get enough to go to junior college.” Veterans’ benefits are supposed to do just that—benefit veterans.

But, in fact, the fallout from Iraq Wars One and Two will be never-ending since the poison from American depleted uranium (DU) weapons is dangerous to all life for 4.5 billion years. 

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