[ RadSafe ] Kansas to let nuclear plant guards "shoot to kill"

Mercado, Don don.mercado at lmco.com
Fri Mar 24 12:44:29 CST 2006

Jim Darrough wrote:

"Here is my two cents' worth.

There exist today plenty of non-lethal ways to subdue personnel as
anyone who ever watches the History or Discovery channel can attest.

In my humble opinion, a suspect who has been wrapped up in spider webs
and completely incapacitated is going to be much easier to interrogate
than one who has suffered a 1/2" hole to the forehead."

A lot more people will be willing to attempt an attack on a nuke plant
if they knew they were facing non-lethal force (and can give up safely,
become a media spectacle {15 min of fame}, spew their nonsense to
whoever will listen, write a book, go on lecture tours, get a job with
Gr$$npeace, etc.) than would if they knew the first round of nuke
defense is 50 caliber. Don't give the trash the chance to spread their
verbal terrorism. Let them know their first nuke attack will be their
last. Guaranteed they'll think twice, and most will look for softer

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