[ RadSafe ] Q: Atmospheric stability of UO2F2 aerosols

R. Scott Kemp rskemp at Princeton.EDU
Tue Mar 28 18:39:38 CST 2006

Does anybody have data or know of a reference about the atmospheric 
stability of UO2F2 aerosols on the time scales of days/weeks?

In particular:

a) does UO2F2 react with typical airborne chemicals, or undergo 
photolysis or other photochemical reactions?
b) do UO2F2 aerosols sublime into vapor at a meaningful rate?
c) what is the typical atmospheric half-life of UO2F2, including uptake 
by water bodies, deposition, etc.?

I cannot seem to find any of this data in the published literature. 
Thanks in advance.

R. Scott Kemp
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