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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 31 08:46:37 CST 2006

Dr. Rokke,
So, people come and tell you that they are not getting
appropriate medical?  Do they ALL claim that they were
exposed to DU, and what proof do they have?  Are you
qualified to determine what care they need?  

Again, what numbers correlate you your "pissing fire?"
 That is not a very medical term.

And,if I may ask, just what are you being treated for?
 What DU induced damage required surgery?

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> crispy_bird at yahoo.com writes:
> Dr. Rokke,
> What proof do you have they are not getting
> appropriate medical care in accordance with U.S.
> Army
> Regulations 700-48?
> The numbers of individuals who were/ are supposed to
> receive medical care and 
> who have not. Continued telephone calls and emails,
> knocks on the door, being 
> stopped on the street, and Army medical staff
> members who call email me 
> trying to get help.  
> By the according to your statement
> ". . . At the completion of the my Bradley Burn Test
> in November 1994 - DOE officials did do one on me
> then
> waited 2.5 years to tell me I was pissing fire."
> What does that mean?  Are their any numbers of
> concentration? 
> Absolutely- 
> In this regard, how is your health?
> I have a 40% disability from the VA for DU caused
> effects that are specified 
> in Colonel  Wakayama's Pentagon briefing and
> documented in my medical files. 
> Do you have any symptoms medical professionals
> should
> be concerned about?
> Yes, and they are very concerned. I saw one of my
> physicians who is treating 
> me on last Monday. They modified some of my
> treatment protocols too in 
> response to verified symptom severity. I am also
> recovering from surgery that was 
> done to repair DU induced damage as specified in
> Colonel Wakayama's Pentagon 
> briefing and as always known in DU documents.  We
> have others too. Too many others.

"We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them."
Titus Livius
-- John
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Certified Health Physicist
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