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Dr. Rokke,
As you note, "Most are for respiratory, GI,
neurological, eye, rashes, kidney, dental, muscular,
and the cancers."

Are you claiming that all of these medical conditions
are related to DU exposure?

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> Standard Time, 
> crispy_bird at yahoo.com writes:
> Of the 270 tested, did any need medical help?  If
> so,
> what did they need?
> Yes, many still do.  
> I had over 420 individuals who I identifed in 1991
> then DOD officials 
> specifically Dr. Kilpatrick and Dr. Rostker stated
> needed immediate medical care 
> because of verified exposures during friendly fire
> incidents and clean up 
> operations in a briefing to Clinton's satff in 1998.
> They are still denied care. I 
> have a signed document from Dr. rostker trefusing to
> provide my staff/ dU team 
> and DU project colleagues with mandatory medical
> care.  
> Then too many of these individuals died after care
> was denied. Today more 
> have died already from GW 2 exposures.  
> Then we had thousands more who should have received
> testing and medical care 
> as required by Army Regulation 40-5, Army Regulation
> 40-14, 3rd U.S. Amry - 
> Central Command- 3rd MEDCOM orders, the October 1993
> order, Genral Erik 
> Shinseki's August 1993 order, and most recently
> Genral Peake's (attached) April 2004 
> order.   
> Treatment is required for an entire range of adverse
> health effects. You 
> would need to contact each individual and physician.
> Most are for respiratory, GI, neurological, eye,
> rashes, kidney, dental, 
> muscular, and the cancers. 
> Then we have all of the birth defects in children
> conceived after verified 
> exposures. 
> doug 

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