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Are you saying that there is special care for DU
casualties.  Pray tell, what is it?  Do you administer
celating agents?

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> Dr. Rokke,
> So, people come and tell you that they are not
> getting
> appropriate medical? 
> Yes, and we work with military and congressional
> satf to getr them medical 
> care.
> Do they ALL claim that they were
> exposed to DU, and what proof do they have? 
> The criteria under which a person must receive
> testing is specified in our 
> original June 1993 3rd MEDCOM order, the October
> 1993 Pentagon order "Medical 
> Management of DU exposures", numernous betwen then
> and now and  and LTG Peake's 
> April 2004 order and the DU CTT.   
> As to my own care has been denied, delayed, and
> ineffective. the rrstvis 
> between my physicians and me. 
> Exposure is based on miltary operations and once
> they have been involved in 
> those operations then testing is mandatory but OTSG
> directives. 
> Although as a qualified combat medic I have treated
> and taught field combat 
> care for DU casualties my care was limited to
> stabilization, woumd closure, 
> etc.  Treatment is then determined 
> by physicians. Our original team of Army physicians
> determined the initial 
> treatment protocols for us once we got sicjk during
> GW 1 and my Army / Va/ 
> personal physicians did once we got sicker during DU
> project. Today they are 
> determined by a group of physcians / nurses in
> concert with others.  Our/my effort 
> is designed to get them tested and into care upon
> which a physician takes over. 
> As to the VA forget Dr. McDiramid at Baltimore DU
> project. Individual Va's 
> also simply refuse until we provide actual mandatory
> VA / DA protocols.  

"We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them."
Titus Livius
-- John
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