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That experience was actually had here (Forsmark, between Stockholm and Gävle). Monitors started going off right and left as workers passed through them. It didn't make any sense that those monitors went off when considering where the workers had been. That and the fact that activity was found on surfaces all over the place first caused a general alarm and the evacuation plan of the Forsmark site was put into action before it became clear that the release was not from this plant. The Gävle area was one of the most heavily affected areas from the Chernobyl fall-out (other than in the Ukraine, of course).

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It was the Swedes at one or their reactors.  Their environmental monitors alarmed and when they couldn't find any problems with the plant they started looking downwind.

Dan W McCarn <hotgreenchile at> wrote:  That's my recollection as well (Chernobyl-related). I think it was the Finns or Norwegians who discovered the cloud of high-level of radioactive material 3 days or so after Chernobyl. This was while I was at the IAEA and it caused quite a stir among my Soviet colleagues. 

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