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Growing Up with Chernobyl

Working in a radioactive zone, two scientists learn tough lessons about 
politics, bias and the challenges of doing good science

Robert K. Chesser, Robert J. Baker

The above article appears in the Nov-Dec 2006 issue of "American 
Scientist".  Unfortunately, the online article is restricted to 
subscribers.  It is a good article about Chernobyl, with some 
interesting pictures of the area.

Some quotes of statements that I liked:

"This was true for pretty much every creature that we examined - highly 
radioactive, but physically normal.  It was the first of many revelations."

"We also compared the genetic variations of populations inside the Zone 
with those from relatively uncontaminated areas, and we found no 
evidence of increased mutation rates from exposure to radioactivity."

"Some reports on the biological impacts of the fallout from Chernobyl 
seem to lie outside the bounds of reasonable expectations."

"Policy makers want concrete conclusions and results, not probability 
estimates on the relative dangers of radiation exposure, which turns out 
to be less hazardous than generally believed."

"Instead, advocacy groups pointed their fingers at scientists and asked 
why they were trying to cover up the "real" impact of radiation on 
people and the environment."

It was also interesting to learn that people have been moving back into 
the Exclusion Zone to reclaim their farms and property.

Randal Leavitt - another Ubuntu user

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