[ RadSafe ] Radon Contact at Mine Safety and Health Administration

Jim Otton jkotton at usgs.gov
Thu Nov 2 10:29:20 CST 2006

I just checked with a Central Region MSHA health and safety person, Richard
McCutcheon, who is located in my building.  The most knowledgeable person on
this area in MSHA has retired but he will check further with other MSHA
folks to see who else may have info.
However, the U.S. Bu Mines had a radon lab in Denver for many years.  The
person who lead that program was Bob Holub, who retired when USBM was shut
down about 1995 and who is now affiliated with the Colorado School of Mines.
I suspect that Bob is the best contact on this topic.  He can be reached
through CSM at:
Holub, Robert
Work Telephone: (303) 384-2068
Business Email: rholub at mines.edu

Jim Otton
U.S. Geological Survey
Uranium commodity geologist and radon specialist

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A young friend and colleague of mine is working on a project and wants to
talk to someone in the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration of the
Department of Labor about radon measurements in U.S. mines. 


If any RADSAFERs know who she should talk to, please send that information
to Elizabeth Kavanagh (ekavanagh at moellerinc.com).


Thank you,

Bob C

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