[ RadSafe ] Chernobyl haunts the Norwegian uplands

Morten Sickel Morten.Sickel at nrpa.no
Mon Nov 13 01:33:49 CST 2006

Sorry for responding late, but I just came across this when cleaning up
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> Most of those area were in the path of the cloud that originated from
Chernobyl.  For a while the Finns > were thinking of banning the eating
of caribou (raindeer??) due to the high levels of Cs-137 in the
> meat.

I cannot talk for what Finland did, but in Norway, to avoid a total ban
on eating of reindeer (caribou) the allowed limit for selling of caribou
meat was set to 6000 Bq / kg for 137-Cs. About 10 years ago, it was
lowered to 3000 Bq/kg. 

If we had kept the normal limit of 600 Bq/kg, it would have made a total
stop for the caribou herders in parts of Norway, since most people
except for the caribou herders eats a relatively limited amount of
reindeer meat, it was assessed that a total ban of selling caribou meat
from those areas would make a larger amount of problems, both in the
society and for the health of the Norwegian people than rising the limit
of allowed contamination in reindeer meat.

I can dig up and post to the list some references to some of the resent
research that has been done here on related topics if there are any

Morten Sickel
Working at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
although usually not on Cernobyl-related problems

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