[ RadSafe ] National Academies Project: Toxicological and Radiological Effects from Exposures to Depleted Uranium During and After Combat

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Tue Nov 14 15:05:52 CST 2006

Bob,   Regarding the NAS review on DU, you wrote:  "I do not know who is
(or will be) on the NAS subcommittee. If any RADSAFERs know or find out,
please post the list."

Actually, the NAS website lists the committee and the dates of meetings,
etc.  Some of the Committee members should be well known to the Radsafe
community and include:
 Dr. Meryl H. Karol - (Chair)                                               
 University of Pittsburgh                                                   
 Dr. Cheryl B. Bast                                                         
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory                                              
 Dr. Deepak K. Bhalla                                                       
 Wayne State University                                                     
 Dr. David W. Gaylor                                                        
 Gaylor & Associates                                                        
 Dr. Robert A. Goyer                                                        
 University of Western Ontario                                              
 Dr. Sidney Green, Jr.                                                      
 Howard University College of Medicine                                      
 Dr. Kathryn A. Higley                                                      
 Oregon State University                                                    
 Dr. Samuel Kacew                                                           
 University of Ottawa                                                       
 Dr. P. Andrew Karam                                                        
 Rochester Institute of Technology                                          
 Mr. Ronald L. Kathren                                                      
 Kathren Group, Inc.                                                        
 Dr. James N. McDougal                                                      
 Wright State University                                                    
 Dr. David H. Moore                                                         
 Battelle Memorial Institute                                                
 Mr. Bruce A. Napier                                                        
 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                                      
 Dr. Roy E. Shore                                                           
 New York University School of Medicine                                     
 Dr. Katherine S. Squibb                                                    
 University of Maryland at Baltimore                                        
 You might also note that the website indicated the panel was chartered in  
 mid-2004, first meeting in early 2005, and scheduled to issue a report in  
 about 24 months.  So it should be out in the next 6 months perhaps.        
 The panel website is                                                       

Eric M. Goldin, Ph.D., CHP
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