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|Britain: Radioactive Material Found in Former Russian Spy's Body              |
|By VOA News  24 November 2006                                                 |

|                       |
|Alexander Litvinenko,  |
|former KGB spy and     |
|author of the book     |
|'Blowing Up Russia:    |
|Terror From Within'    |

The British government says former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was
poisoned by radiation.

In London Friday, the country's Health Protection Agency said a large
quantity of the radioactive element polonium 210 were found in Litvinenko's
urine. They said it is not yet clear how the material entered his body.

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       RE: [ RadSafe ] Home Secretary "radioactive substances
       implicated  inthe death of Russian ex-spy and are searching a
       number oflo

       On 24 Nov 2006 at 10:30, Flanigan, Floyd wrote:

       > have these
       > chuckle-monkeys gotten a real live HP professional to look
       into it yet?
       > Until they do, I lend absolutely zero credibility to the
       whole nuclear
       > slant on the issue.

       Absolutely! And what lab performed the analysis? The article
       goes on to say that the doctors now do not consider that
       material caused the death. At least that isn't in the picture

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