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Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Mon Nov 27 03:44:50 CST 2006

I am looking for some documents that are supposed to be in the Manhattan Project archives ..they were allegedly put together to form the notorious 1943 Memo to General Groves that the anti-DU crusaders widely circulate as being US intent to use radiological weapons in WW-II and that the weapons were DU in aerosol form.  The memo is clearly fake, but I would like to find the actual memos from which this memo was cobbled together.  Perhaps, Gary F. Giesecke is even a member of this list.  He is the one who made the following analysis.

four pages  actually come from four separate 
documents. References for the first two pages  comes from "Advisory Committee on 
Human Radiation Experiments' public meeting,  13-14 June 1994,  Tab F.  The 
second two pages are found in  "Correspondence ("Top Secret") of the Manhattan 
Engineer District 1942-1946"  National Archives Microfilm Publication M1109, 
Roll 1. 

Page one is the  only page that is actually part of the original "Groves 
Memo".  The second  (and last) page of the actual memo is missing in the Rokke 
Memo, and shows the  actual author of the memo to be K. D. Nichols, Colonel, 
Corps of Engineers.  

The first "Page 2" of the Rokke memo is actually the second page of a  
three-page summary written by the same Colonel Nichols.  The first page and  the 
third page of this summary are not included in the Rokke Memo.  The  document he 
summarizes is the document actually written by Doctors Conant,  Compton and 

The second "Page 2" of the Rokke memo is from an  seven-page document 
entitled "Radioactive Materials as a Military Weapon".   It was part of a package of 
information used in a then "top-secret" project  known as "Operation 
Peppermint" early in 1944.  This document is probably  an accurate version of the 
original paper written by the three scientists above.  

The final "Page 2" of the Rokke memo is actually page 2 of "Appendix  I.  
Effects of Gamma-Rays on People" authored by a "Dr. R. S. Stone".  

Thank you.

Roger Helbig

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