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Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 07:20:02 CST 2006

>I read in some account the amount of 5 Gy for this ex-spy which is
>probably not based on anything and is a wild guess.  But for arguments
>sake...  Since Table 1 of Appendix B 10 CFR 20 shows the oral ingestion
>ALI (daily) as 3 uCi for Po-210, that suggests he would need to have
>swallowed approximately 3 mCi of Po-210 to get that dose.  My question:
>Is that a legitimate way to ball park the ingestion amount? Or is there
>a more appropriate way to do it.  Thanks.

I am definitely not the expert to come down with a definite response but
had a few considerations which may be relevant - please comment if they
do not belong here:

1. Specific activity of Po-210: 1.67 x 10E14 Bq/g
(or 1.67 x 10E8 Bq/microgram).

2. Deadly amount, using effective dose coefficient (ICRP 67, 1993):
1.2 x 10E-6 Sv/Bq (for all organs summed up, acute intake).
Is this factor relevant for non-stochastic effects?

Say 10 Sv as a dose: 10/1.2x10E-6 = about 10E7 Bq.

Am I correct this far? If so a division is all that remains (??).
Don't we land in a region of less than a microgram then?

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