[ RadSafe ] Po-210 Lethal dose

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Many thanks to all who responded to my question.  While the actual
amount of Po-210 would be very small, I suspect that the media or
carrier it is in would be noticeable unless it had been separated and
purified.  IMHO the person(s) that would take this route to murder
someone wanted to send a message.  It was not enough to just kill the
guy, he had to be tortured as well.  It sounds like something from a
James Bond movie.  No doubt there is a sophisticated organization behind
this.  Just an opinion...
Thanks again.
Charlie Ellars

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Thank you for your comments.

>As you said, the problems in the argument are the dose coefficients.
>They are given in Sv/Bq, so they are referred just to stochastic
>These coefficients are derived taken into account the total integrated
>in the total person life (considered 50 years for every adult), so they
>not applicable to acute irradiation effects.
>When referring to non-stochastic effects you should use Gy/Bq.
I agree (Sv is only for stochastic effects).

If we are at approx. 20 microgram of Po-210 this amount in itself can
be seen by the eye - then as a dissolved preparation (ionic form) it can

clearly not be seen.

Anyone who has worked with weighing chemicals knows that it becomes hard

when you get down to a few milligrams (humidity, static electricity...).

This in itself points at "professionals" being involved to provide some 
chemical carrier.

My personal comment only,

Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers at hotmail.com

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