[ RadSafe ] Polonium-210

Kim Merritt k.merritt at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 28 14:24:40 CST 2006

A review of the MSDS for Polonium 210 in ChemWatch indicated that 
there is "no acute toxicological data identified in literature 
search."  All of the exposure limits in the MSDS are based upon the 
radiological exposure limits and the biological effects related to 
radiation exposure.  For NFPA labeling it is classified as 2 for 
flammability and instability and 1 for health.  Polonium 
tetrachloride is similar with the exception of being a 3 for 
flammability (spontaneous ignition in air) and a 1 for instability.

Seems like an a extremely inefficient way to kill someone to 
me.  Maybe it was added as a contaminant to the real poison to 
confound the investigation.

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