[ RadSafe ] Po-210

Scott Davidson bsdnuke at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 16:20:27 CST 2006


Looking at all of these e-mails, I have concluded that we are not of one
mind as to whether this incident was due to chemical or radiological
effects, or both.  I think that our charge is to identify a group and
resolve it there because this type of incident might just be the problem
that we'd face in a terrorist situation.

We need to identify shortcomings in our thinking on acute exposures other
than external radiation and look at integrating the dose in a time period
from "administration" to death much as Cindy Bloom demonstrated.

We are used to committed dose nowadays and need to be able to look at the
integral instead.  Ironically, this is similar to what DOE used to use
(AEDE).  Because of simplifying the recordkeeping and just assigning the
cumulative dose, we have forgotten about the use of the effective half life
times 1.44 giving you the cumulative dose.

So I charge those internal dosimetrists to look amongst yourselves, come up
with an agenda and present something at the next Annual Meeting so that we
all can be on the same page.

Enough speculation and conjecture, please.

B. Scott Davidson, CHP, CSP

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