[ RadSafe ] Po210 quantitative information?

Keith Welch welch at jlab.org
Thu Nov 30 10:13:51 CST 2006

Has anyone heard anything quantitative regarding the levels of 
contamination found in the dozen or so locations they're talking about?  
I imagine they may be keeping info close to the vest for investigative 
purposes, but it sure would be interesting to know what has been found 
and where.  The "authorities" might not realize they have a sizable 
population of folks who could help them communicate things rationally to 
the public if they'd talk in quantitative terms.  I heard an interview 
on BBC this morning in which a physicist was falling all over himself in 
order to emphasize what a non-problem the contamination was for the 
public.  But never did he mention any quantities.  They are obviously 
concerned about public panic; they should enlist the expert population 
who can talk about this stuff and give us a little info to go on (IMHO).

Keith Welch

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