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Dear Group:

The McArthur River uranium mine is an Upper Proterozoic (Pre-Cambrian)
Unconformity-Related deposit of the Argillite type in the Athabasca Basin of
Canada.  It contains 436.5 million pounds U3O8 with an average grade of

The Proterozoic Unconformity represents a world-wide atmospheric / climate
change from reducing to strongly oxidizing conditions with the appearance of
free oxygen in the atmosphere. The deposits occupy zones slightly above, at,
and below the unconformity.  The argillite (clay) protected the McArthur
River and Cigar Lake deposits and is above the unconformity. Deposits and
prospective targets are located world-wide with significant deposits located
in Australia (Alligator Rivers) and Canada's Athabasca Basin.

The McArthur River deposit is mined using a freeze-wall curtain to control
water influx, and large-diameter, raise-bore methods to mine the ore. 

Dan W. McCarn

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Digging deep: Uranium mine at McArthur River presents challenges like few
The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) Fri 29 Sep 2006
Byline: Murray Lyons

MCARTHUR RIVER MINE -- In the underground workings of the world's 
highest-grade uranium mine there are few signs that a huge influx of water 
put the place out of commission for three months in the spring of 2003.

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