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I suggest that the company try contacting the radiation control agency
responsible for the jurisdiction they operate in.  The agency (state or NRC)
might be willing to send over an HP to check out the system, and they may
have access to neutron sources and detectors that would be useful for
evaluating the spectrometer.  Remballs and the like are uncommon among most
instrument inventories, but regulators usually have them.  Can't hurt to

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I was contacted by a company that would like an evaluation of their new 
portable neutron spectrometer.  Since I am not a neutron spectrometer 
specialist, I would like to pass on this one.

If there are any neutron instrument gurus out there that would like to 
check this instrument out, I have the following information for you:

"We are looking for a nationally known Health Physicist that can spend a 
day at our facility to critique our instrument, review our technology and 
calibration data, check the dosimetry calculations, and give us 
suggestions and a written endorsement."

Photogenics Patented Handheld 
Spectrometer/Dosimetry System

The Photogenics Spectrometer/Dosimetry System is a handheld, 3-in-1 
radiation detector that will perform the following important functions 
that are now sold as separate detectors:

Neutron Spectroscopy
Neutron Dosimetry
Gamma dosimetry based on plastic scintillator

This instruments replaces a complete set of Bonner Balls (to cover the 
full energy range of fast neutrons).  In addition, it incorporates a 
plastic scintillator to measure gamma count.  It then combines both 
radiation measurements and calculates the total doseage eminating from the 
nuclear material with more accuracy than previously possible.

Please contact "Fred Klaass" <fred.klaass at missionsupportincorporated.com> 
if you consider yourself qualified and would like to evaluate this 

 Thank You,

Thomas J. O'Dou, CHP
Radiation Laboratory Director
Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies
University of Nevada Las Vegas
702-985-5547 (cell)
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