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My answers are indented below.

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Dear radsafers

I need your opinion and experience.

1) Do you think that a regular nuclear medicine laboratory which uses only
ready for use in vitro RIA kits performs any kind of iodination?
As I know the iodination process is performed only at pharmaceutical
industries in order to produce  "ready to use RIA kits".

2) I would like to have your definition of the "iodination" term from the
radiochemical point of view.
		A chemical reaction where inorganic iodine (usually I-125)
is attached to an organic biochemical (e.g., an antibody).

3) From the practice (or legislation) in your countries, Do you believe that
a private in-vitro nuclear medicine lab which uses only "ready to use RIA
kits" can not by established at buildings which includes other offices or
flats or apartments.?
		Probably such mixed usage in a single building is not a
problem, but possible radiation exposures, including accident scenarios,
should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Theodoros Skouras
Medical Physicist
Patras, GREECE
e-mail: skouras at med.upatras.gr

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