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The news  use of the term nuke meltdown is unfortunate, since the 
public will view  this as a Chernobyl or TMI scenarion.

If you read the news articles, they claim it was "worse than TMI."  If  you 
read any of the so-called "studies," at _www.ssflpanel.org_ 
( , regarding the potential  releases and health effects, you will find 
more speculation than science, and  the neglect of certain important factors 
that make the "studies" appear  amateurish at best, in my opinion.  And, the 
commentary about conspiracy  theories interspersed throughout the 
epidemiological "report" calls a  lot more than their scientific competence into question, 
in my opinion.  In  one footnote, they even seem to imply that the Centers for 
Disease Control's  ATSDR was "covering up" the meteorological data.
There was fuel damage in the accident, including some fuel melt.  I  don't 
have the details handy at the moment.  The official report from the  accident 
indicated a release of noble gases, but no iodine or particulate  releases.  
Barbara Hamrick, CHP, JD
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