[ RadSafe ] Clean-up planned of nuclear crash village

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 08:24:22 CDT 2006

Interesting to hear about the clean-up of Palomares.... How often has it
already been cleaned up? Any soil left? At least I know a few collegues not
only from Spain who have been involved in clean-up at least 20 years ago,
not to talk about the clean-up having taking place immediately after the

Should this probably be a "political" clean-up? (This is a rethorical

Best regards,


2006/10/9, Dawson, Fred Mr <Fred.Dawson199 at mod.uk>:
> http://www.theherald.co.uk/news/71682.html
> Madrid
> Spain and the United States have agreed to clean up radioactivity in the
> south-east Spanish farming village of Palomares, 40 years after two US
> atomic bombs fell in the area after a midair collision. The agreement
> was reached between the US Department of Energy and CIEMAT, Spain's
> national Centre for Energy and Environment Investigation, El Pais
> newspaper reported.
> On January 17, 1966, a B-52 bomber collided with a flying tanker while
> refuelling over Palomeras and released all four of its hydrogen bombs in
> the ensuing explosion. The high-explosive igniters on two bombs
> detonated on impact, spreading radioactive material, including
> plutonium, over the Spanish countryside. Seven of the 11 crewmen on the
> two planes were killed. There were no fatalities on the ground.
> The agreement, signed last month, states that the countries will jointly
> pay for the costs and that the works could take years depending on the
> levels of radioactivity found, El Pais added.
> At the time villagers feared the radiation might have contaminated not
> only their bodies but also the waters they fished and the soil they
> farmed.
> Spain was under the thumb of General Francisco Franco and little
> information about the accident was released. In order to minimise the
> consequences of the accident, Information and Tourism Minister Manuel
> Fraga and US Ambassador Angier Biddle Duke strode into the Mediterranean
> near Palomares to demonstrate the waters were safe.-
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