[ RadSafe ] Genuine Research ?

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Thu Oct 12 00:15:11 CDT 2006

Lonnie Story, activist writer in Florida, stirring up the DU pot .. do any of you know anything about all these doctors doing "genuine research" that he claims or what they actually have determined.

Spend some time doing  quantitative, quality research 
such as Dr. Johnye Lewis at University at New  Mexico, the pentagon's own 
funded research scientist (see her article DU  inhalation particles breach the 
blood/brain barrier), Dr. Lawrence at Long  Island University, Dr. Baverstock, Dr. 
Nicholson and others that are doing  substantial, genuine research.  
Mr. Lonnie D. Story
Author of "Without A Shot Fired:  The Dustin Brim  Story"

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