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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 14 14:30:41 CDT 2006

What was the interval between each exposure? X-ray
tubes have a rated heat capacity.  The tube needs to
cool down in order to provide the same output.  Also,
your exposure times of 2.5 seconds is very long which
may also be a problem. Dental x-ray tubes are not
designed to heavy workloads which is what you may
subjecting it to. 

--- cehn at aol.com wrote:

> Doing QC checks with a dental x-ray unit & RadCal,
> I'm seeing fading of the dose with successive
> exposures.  Did 10; the first 2 were about the same
> dose (~40 mrem; 77 kVp, 12 mA; 2.5 sec).  Next 8
> dropped by about 0.1% each time. Final exposure was
> about 1% less than the first. Steady drop.  But kVp
> measurements held steady.  Is this normal, or does
> it indicate a problem?  Thanks in advance.
> Joel Cehn
> joelc at alum.wpi.edu

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