[ RadSafe ] Fume Hood Face Velocity Requirement Origin

Falo, Gerald A Dr KADIX Jerry.Falo at us.army.mil
Thu Oct 19 07:43:09 CDT 2006

Good morning all,
I was asked to look into the recommended face velocity for fume hoods of
125 linear feet per minute (lfpm).  Specifically, I am looking for the
origin of this recommendation, if there is any regulation requiring this
face velocity, and measurement protocol/requirements.  I have Shapiro's
text (4th edition) that does cite the 125 lfpm but doesn't give the
source nor measurement protocols.  My colleagues and I assume that the
measurements should be made with the hood sash open about 30 - 40 cm,
although I've heard about measurements being made with the hood fully
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
Jerry Falo

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