AW: [ RadSafe ] Strontium-90 from nuclear weapons test

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Thu Oct 19 13:48:02 CDT 2006

Dear Frank,

As usual I recommend to check Google first and as I tested regarding this
topic you might find something on Google, or at least some additional links
to other websites which might provide you with the information desired. 

Secondly I recommend to contact the German Radiation Protection Authority
(Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz) which without any doubt has data available
about Germany. I would be more than surprised, if this was not the case,
since there are strict legal requirements in Germany about measurement of
many different media and I do not believe that soil would be excluded. 

For other Western European countries you might want to contact the relevant
radiation protection authorities, which should not be to difficult. 

Sr-90 in soil is of very little interest in radiation protection, therefore
most work has been done on food, especially milk and milk products. Data on
environmental Sr-90 concentrations for decades are manyfold: Sr-90 in baby
teeth from Switzerland, from Hungary, milk in Finland, Sweden, etc. etc. You
might contact the respective authorities or institutions. I myself have done
in cooperation with Frieda Tataruch from the Institute of Wild Life Research
a very comprehensive study on Sr-90 in red deer antlers (Hirschgeweihe) as a
bioindicator, showing that the environmental contamination by Sr-90 from the
Chernobyl accident was extremely low compared to the one in the late 50's
and early 60's and practically negligible. Similar work has been done for
instance in Denmark and Poland, just to name a few.  

All research on Sr-90 after the Chernobyl accident showed, that there was a
small input peak in some countries, (Sr-90 simply was not transported far
from the source) and a very fast decline in Sr-90 concentrations in all
media to pre-Chernobyl ones. 

I wonder, what you need these informations for. 

Franz Schoenhofer
PhD, MR iR
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> Hello to everybody out there,
> I'm in need for some citable data (any serious publication) about the
> current level of nuclear weapons test related Sr-90 contamination in
> (undisturbed) soil;
> preferably for Germany or Western Europe.
> Does anybody have references, PDF-Files, etc. regarding that topic ?
> With best regards
> 	Frank
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