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While I was at the University of Chicago, the Jones laboratory building
where Glenn Seaborg first separated plutonium underwent renovations.  When
one of the construction crew working in the attic became ill, they all quit
for the day & I had to survey the attic to assure them it was clean.  DOE
had been all over the building at least twice by that time.

Don Jordan
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> I've been skimming the posts on DU and health.  Mostly sound &  fury.  But
> have to report:  we have a mostly foreign crew  working overseas on a DU
> with little no prior rad experience.  They  attribute every little ache
> pain to the DU.  If they can think of it,  DU is the culprit.  Risk
> talk about "availability bias."  A  recent (available) piece of
information gets
> over-emphasized, at the expense of  better information.  Another example
> pollutant du jour.
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