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I am not sure how it is in Germany, but in the U.S.,
regulations frequently written involve by lawyers
which may explain the convolution and tautology behind

--- Rainer.Facius at wrote:

> I tend to concur with Joe's evaluation; concept
> rather than idea more closely approaches my
> understanding. 
> Though concept is listed among the synonyms of idea
> - and vice versa (Random House Thesaurus), the
> distinction which Goethe (presumably) intended to
> make pertains to the definiteness associated with
> the mental image provoked by a word - or rather the
> lack of definiteness obfuscated by verbiage. In this
> regard, the usage (by Kaufmann) of "idea" in the
> translation of "Begriff" somewhat blurs the message
> which Goethe through Mephisto's mouth probably
> intended to convey. Note that he addressed this
> characterization to theology. 
> Nevertheless, I know of no activity of the human
> mind which is exempted from this frailty. In science
> we do have control mechanisms which can guide us
> somewhat more effectively through the labyrinths of
> our minds' fabrications - provided we make use of
> them, which in turn is all to often against our
> intentions.
> Particularly in politics, which according to John
> Jacobus has the final word in matters of radiation
> protection regulations - and I see reason to
> disagree, these control mechanisms have virtually
> been ostracised. I sometimes wonder, whether there
> the sole purpose of words is to evade the slightest
> semblance of definiteness which could be confronted
> with facts.
> But yes, in mathematical probability theory, on the
> other hand, the word stochastic reflects a well
> defined concept.
> Regards, Rainer

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