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Global Dosimetry Solutions, Inc. UNIX System Highlighted During SCO 

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Dosimetry Solutions, 
Inc. (GDS), a division of Mirion Technologies, today announced that 
Hewlett Packard (HP) and SCO presented the new UNIX high availability 
system deployed at GDS during the SCO Forum 2006, the premier UNIX 
and application mobility conference, which was held in Las Vegas. The 
GDS system is one of only two in the world selected by the Executives 
at HP to be presented at SCO Forum.
GDS requires 7/24 operations with laboratory and manufacturing 
operations. In order to meet the growing demands for greater speeds 
in data delivery and support for different protocols, it was 
determined a platform based around HP DL 580 G3, MSA 1500 SAN, HP 
Storage Works 4/8 Fiber Switch, and 100/1000 Network Cards with 
UnixWare 7.1.4 selected for the OS platform, would best meet the 
network requirements.

"We were pleased to have our system highlighted during SCO Forum 
2006," stated Malcolm Smith, VP of Information Technology of GDS. 
"The new system criteria was dependent on a UNIX platform with a 
design emphasis around high availability, increased performance and 
capacity. We achieved this reliability and scalability with HP 
equipment and UnixWare."

"SCO was pleased to have been selected in partnership with HP as the 
supplier for GDS's network requirements. SCO has a history of 
providing highly innovative and reliable solutions to companies like 
GDS," stated Sandy Gupta, CTO of SCO. "UnixWare 7.1.4 supports the 
newest industry standard hardware platforms and peripherals and 
contains even more of the high performance, scalability and 
reliability features that our customers have come to expect from 

GDS provides dosimetry, consulting, and system integration services 
to the nuclear, government, and medical industries.

Mirion Technologies is comprised of three divisions: Synodys Health 
Physics, IST Nuclear Systems, and GDS Dosimetry Service. To learn 
more about the products and services Mirion has to offer visit: 


Mirion Technologies generated more than $150 million in revenue from 
its diverse global client base in 2005. The Company employs 
approximately 750 people worldwide, at its facilities in France, 
Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland, China, Canada and the United 
States. Mirion Technologies is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay 
area, and is a portfolio company of American Capital Strategies 
(Nasdaq: ACAS - News).  

About SCO

The SCO Group (Nasdaq: SCOX - News) is a leading provider of UNIX 
software technology for distributed, embedded and network-based 
systems, offering SCO OpenServer for small to medium business, 
UnixWare for enterprise applications, and Me Inc. and EdgeClick for 
mobile services. SCO's highly innovative and reliable solutions help 
millions of customers grow their businesses everyday, from SCO 
OpenServer on main street to UnixWare on Wall Street, and beyond. SCO 
owns the core UNIX operating system, originally developed by 
AT&T/Bell Labs and is the exclusive licensor to Unix-based system 
software providers.

Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a worldwide network of 
thousands of resellers and developers. SCO Global Services provides 
reliable localized support and services to partners and customers. 
For more information on SCO products and services, visit www.sco.com.

SCO, SCO OpenServer, Me Inc., EdgeClick and the associated SCO logo, 
are trademarks or registered trademarks of The SCO Group, Inc. in the 
U.S. and other countries. UNIX and UnixWare are registered trademarks 
of The Open Group.
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