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Jean-Francois, Stephane stephane_jeanfrancois at merck.com
Tue Sep 12 12:36:56 CDT 2006

The subject is a bit linked to radsafe as Nuclear energy is exempt of green house gases production. The real issue regarding this is the definition of a pollutant and people with an "oil-based agenda" have found it, some may argue that CO2 is hardly a pollutant as it is present naturally in higher quantities then produced by man and it is not hazardous for the health in the general concentrations around the Earth (380 ppm , 2006 figures). But there is no doubt that CO2, methane, tropospheric ozone, N20, SF6 are green house effect gases that prevent the Earth to cool down.  Technically, if the sun is hotter, a favorable greenhouse effect (like the one provided by water vapor in the atmosphere ) should allow part of the initial energy to escape in space as infrared. But right now, the net result is much more then the original input,  the energy is trapped by the gases above-mentioned, and this is being done also when the Sun is not shinning with it's "2 % increase of energy". That is the issue with CO2 and other GHG.

I am always surprised to see so-call environmentalists not considering nuclear energy because of the radwaste, but say nothing about the coal steam power plants that are directly affecting the most fragile of the natural systems: The atmosphere. 

My green opinion on a green topic.

Stéphane Jean-François, Eng., CHP
Manager, Environmental and Health Physics services
Merck Frosst Canada
stephane_jeanfrancois at merck.com

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 Ruth Sponsler wrote:

"A team of scientists, led by Benjamin Santer and Tom
Wigley, who both have physics, as well as meteorology credentials, has just published a paper that uses a number of climate models to link hurricane formation with CO2-induced increases in sea surface temperatures."  

Did they happen to mention that global warming is happening on *all the planets in the solar system* bec the sun is hotter these days???

"This Solar Irradiance Reconstruction is by Judith Lean, Naval Research Laboratory. ABSTRACT (Lean 2000): Because of the dependence of the Sun's irradiance on solar activity, reductions from contemporary levels are expected during the seventeenth century Maunder Minimum. New reconstructions of spectral irradiance are developed since 1600 with absolute scales traceable to space-based observations. The long-term variations track the envelope of group sunspot numbers and have amplitudes consistent with the range of Ca II brightness in Sun-like stars. Estimated increases since 1675 are 0.7%, 0.2% and 0.07% in broad ultraviolet, visible/near infrared and infrared spectral bands, with a total irradiance increase of 0.2%. 

Back of an envelope calculation: Earth is estimated to have warmed 0.6 °C ± 0.2 °C so all we need to do is divide the estimated temperature increment by Earth's temperature (288 K) and times by 100 to get the percentage increment thus: 0.6 (K)/288 (K) x 100 = 0.2%. So, the sun is 0.2% more energetic and conveniently the planet's temperature is believed to have increased 0.2%. Solar influence explains the entire change, now everyone's content the global warming thing has been solved, right? No? Us neither, although solar variance seems a likely candidate for at least a portion of the apparent change." 


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