[ RadSafe ] Comcast Broadcast of "Documentary" with Leuren Moret, Self-Described Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Whistleblower

roger helbig rhelbig at california.com
Tue Sep 12 21:16:19 CDT 2006


A Documentary on Comcast .. now, that is really getting to
be bad news .. how would a company like Comcast allow this
to be broadcast?  Wish you had taped it.  Do you remember
when it was broadcast?  


I am posting this to RADSAFE in case anyone else sees this

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 23:49:51 +0000
 royherren at comcast.net wrote:

   I forgot to tell you but I recently saw a documentary
type of broadcast on Comcast on the so called Government
channel about Depleted Uranium.  Oddly enough Rokke and,
Ms. Moret played a prominent role on the video.  She said
that she had been a staff scientist at Livermore.  I found
that odd because someone with only a Bachelor of Science
degree is usually a technician for the Principle
Investigators, who are "the Scientists".  She claims that
her Masters is in Middle East or Near East studies,
therefore her Masters wouldn't help her to be classified as
a Scientist (would this be a MA).


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Ms Houghton, 

Leuren Moret, a devoted anti-Depleted Uranium activist who
carelessly handles the truth claims to be a Lawrence
Livermore Laboratory whistleblower.  I rather doubt that.

(here is a current internet posting in which the
whistleblower claim has been made)

Diabetes Epidemic in Europe
US Radiation Wars Thought To Be Cause 
by Leuren Moret
Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab Whistleblower

Please, provide the following information under the terms
of the Freedom of Information Act in the interest of
setting the record straight.

What were the inclusive dates of employment by Lawrence
Livermore of Leuren Moret?

In what capacity was Leuren Moret employed?

Did Leuren Moret "blow the whistle" by exposing corruption,
unsafe work place conditions, etc. while employed at
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory?

I found no record of any appeal having been filed from any
adverse personnel decision and thus doubt that Moret ever
was a "whistleblower", but he supposedly blowing the
whistle at Lawrence Livermore has given her a certain
cachet to the false science she peddles in her anti-DU

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