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     MCNP (Monte Carlo Neutral Particle Program) does gamma shielding
     problems.  It is available from the Radiation Shielding Information 
     (RSICC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA).  See their website
     for available computer codes, etc.  Usually MCNP etc. are available for
     a handling charge.  MCNP does neutron, gamma, etc. calculations.
     Once one learns how to set up problem geometries, it is fairly easy to

          On to global warming.  I already commented on the sum and difference
     frequencies of the Annual and Chandler (433 day) Earth Wobbles.  See the
     Radsafe archives.  The wobble amplitude peaks are at roughly 1910, 1954,
     1998 so far.  The wobble amplitude has some effect on the angle at which
      the Earth's geometric axis dips towards the Sun.  At wobble maxima the
      Earth dips more steeply towards and away from the Sun.

           The next wobble amplitude maximum should occur in 2042.  I expect 
      this year in time) there will be global warming again, as well as 
      flooding.  From 1998 to 2020 there will be global cooling (neglecting 
      CO2 effects).  Global Warming again will start to occur from 2020 to 
      Around 2020 there may be regional drought phenomena.

           CO2 production --- what happened to photosynthesis???  Go plant a
      tree, build some new nuclear reactors, improve/rebuild coal plants, etc.
      This all can be done.

           Hedley Lamarr was a character in the Mel Brook's film Blazing 

       Have a nice day!!!

           Regards,             Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, Ph.D.

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