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Personnally, I can't imagine anyone saying that MCNP is a good alternative to MicroShield.  Most anyone can figure out how to run MicroShield in less than a day (and that is being conservative), MCNP is a very complex code that requires a lot of work to learn.  MicroShield is a relatively easy to use code that has a lot of restrictions, while MCNP is a difficult code to use, but is extremely flexible and accurate (when you know what you are doing).
  I don't know of a good alternative to MicroShield, where I define a good a alternative as one that is as easy to use, relatively accurate with in its limits (and you have to know the limits).
Wesley <wesvanpelt at verizon.net> wrote:
  Joe and All,

You mention below that MCNP is available from RSICC (Oak Ridge) for a
handling charge.

My recent experience in requesting the program VARSKIN from RSICC indicates
that they charge an $800 handling fee. That's a lot of "handling"! And then
they insist you sign an airtight contract not to redistribute it. 

Best regards,
Wesley R. Van Pelt, PhD, CIH, CHP
Wesley R. Van Pelt Associates, Inc.

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Hey all,

MCNP (Monte Carlo Neutral Particle Program) does gamma shielding
problems. It is available from the Radiation Shielding Information Center
RSICC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA). See their website for
available computer codes, etc. Usually MCNP etc. are available for a
handling charge. MCNP does neutron, gamma, etc. calculations. Once one
learns how to set up problem geometries, it is fairly easy to use.

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