[ RadSafe ] Looking for Lab Equipment

Dan W McCarn hotgreenchile at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 23:35:23 CDT 2006

Dear Group:


I’m looking for the following lab equipment (in reasonably good condition)


1)     Ludlum Model 19 Survey Meter or Model 192 (will consider units
needing some repair / calibration)

2)     Lab drying oven – 2-4 Cu.ft – 200°C (for drying soils & gravimetric
TDS measurements); Will also consider units with temps up to 600°C.

3)     Laboratory balance – 500-1000g max., 0.01mg precision

4)     Stereo wide-field microscope (20X-80X)

5)     Lab sample canning equipment

6)     Graded Lead Shield for 3” X 3” NaI(Tl) Crystal (something like a
Canberra 727)

7)     Soil density & moisture probe


Please contact me off-line at +1-505-710-3600 (USA) or +43-676-725-6622

Email:  mccarn at unileoben.ac.at


Best regards!


Dan ii


Dan W. McCarn

504 East 23rd Street; Houston, TX 77008

Home: +1-832-767-0817; Cell: +1-505-710-3600

HotGreenChile at gamil.com


Institut für Geowissenschaften; Montanuniversität Leoben

Peter-Tunner-Strasse 5; A8700 Leoben, AUSTRIA

Cell: +43-676/725-6622; Fax; +43-3842-402-4902; Office: +43-3842-402-4903

mccarn at unileoben.ac.at


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